LTLE 370

Project 1: Instructional Handout


Instructional Design James Madison University


At James Madison University, I took the course Instructional Design. We created instructional designs based on a topic of our choice. I chose english horseback riding. Here are the projects I completed during this class semester.

For this project, we were to create an instructional handout that taught how to do some process. I chose to use the process of "tacking up" a horse. I drew the horse and tack on Adobe Sketch on an IPad Pro. I moved my drawings to Adobe Photoshop on my computer to finish the handout.

Project 2: Screen Recording


With this project, we were to record a screen recording teaching specific objectives to users based on a website or software. I used Screencast-O-Matic to create a screen recording on how to create an account for a riding apparel/horse tack shop called Dover Saddlery. I showed users how to do specific objectives on the website.

Project 3: Learning Management System Module


Our third project consisted of creating a learning management system module on Canvas. I created a course called "Beginner Equestrian Hunt Seat Equitation" or EQ 101. The course contains readings, videos, a quiz, a discussion post, and my other projects. The course can be accessed by the button below.

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